Container Gardening Tips


When designing a container garden, thought must be given to the container. The material of the container has a direct impact on your plants. Materials such as plastic and metal restricts the amount of air reaching the soil and roots of the plant. To remedy this, place the plants into a better-suited pot, such as clay, and set it into the pot you chose originally.

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Flower Container Gardening

Flower container gardening is a relatively simple way to add color and scent to your yard and home. Climbing vines are great for covering areas such an arbor while some varieties attract butterflies. Others such as bee balm and chamomile are edible. The best way to choose the right plants for you is to think about what you are looking for in a flower container garden.

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Container Gardening

lettuce-herb-birdbath-containers-featureContainer gardening gives everyone the opportunity to reap the benefits of plants regardless of the size and type of space they have available. A garden can be created in any type of container and consist of any mixture of flowers, shrubs, trees, and herbs. This gardening technique is easy and economical to create and maintain.
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